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As if CheerNo's releases weren't enough to send me into fits of buying frenzy, Le Lutka Ultra comes along and knocks me down with one mighty smack. Shoulders, cinched waist corsets, contrast and delicious hair. Where can you wear these? Anywhere you got the moxy to. ;)
note: *Le Lutka Ultra is not yet released

Shoulders: [LeLutka Ultra] Macabre Warrior
Hair: [LeLutka]-SHOW HAIR_blondUPDO
Top and Pants: CheerNo.Deuil - MurV
Gloves: Cheerno.POKER Gloves [Red]
Shoes: [*RG*] Aviator Boots Black
Skin: CheerNo.SKIN VNS Euro evol #1 [MAKE 010] ShaV eb B

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Well I could not resist posting another one of my favourites from CheerNo's Deuil Winter 09 collection. This ensemble that CheerNo created is certainly one that will make you feel every bit like a rock star! The diamond eye piece is a versatile accessory that can be worn as is with the ensemble or other formal suits when you feel like being dressy.

Mooning Over Monroe Featured.png

Mooning over Monroe 1

Mooning over Monroe 2

Mooning over Monroe 3

Top, Jacket, Necklace & Eyepiece | CheerNo. Deuil Milagre
Gloves | CheerNo Poker Gloves
Leggings | Mimikri Roxy Black
Boots | COCO Knee High Boots
Hair | MADesigns BOYD STBL III

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So I'm having a love affair with black or noir as it's called when you want to sound posh. Chinese designer hiwinyu Fazuku of Mr. Poet offers a silky loose shirt with open neck and sculpted cuffs and collar. Available in white or black, this couples nicely with either jeans for a lazy casual look or tight shiny printed slacks like these from KOSH for a more dressy feel. Back & Writer's sculpted charm style necklace complements the open and accessible feel of the shirt.

Shirt | ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Loose shirt black
Pants | KOSH- HK pants Silver
Necklace | [Back&Writer] MHOH necklace -gift- (silver)
Hair | [Uw.St] Jin02.03-Hair brown
Shoes | Kalnins Gallop

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I am a huge fan of sheer tops. Could be my mother's fault. But whatever the reason, the clothes from eXceSs (::XS::) make me drool. Available in black and white and artfully ripped with matching half sleeves, this is perfect for clubbing. Or the more daring Neko. Pairing it with LeLutka's black Mick pants with matching belt, some of the hottest pants to come out of SL in a long time. Bliensen + MaiTai claw necklace lends a dangerous air to ensemble while the Bryce Designs hair "Shaggy" softens the blow. Sensual Mistery's "Angel" prim arm glove and Hoorenbeek's "Karsen" black boots finish the look giving a playful and sexy effect.

Shirt | ::XS:: ruined satin shirt :: black
Pants | [LeLutka]-MICK pants/black_Pants
Glove | .::SensualMistery::. ANGEL ARM GLOVE (PART OF SET)
Boots | [ hoorenbeek ] Karsen Boots - Black/Black
Piercing | *F* Freddy Lip Piercing
Necklace | Bliensen + MaiTai The Claw Necklace -spine-
Hair | Bryce ~ Shaggy - Natural Browns - Twig
Tats | Nardcotix Intrepid Tattoo

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One of my favorite accessories are scarves. Warm or cold weather, silk or knit, they add a great touch to any outfit. This one from BareRose, which comes with the pack "Masayuki" and includes jackets, shown here in red, and belts in varying colors as well as bracelets. Loose tousled hair "Spice" in Japanese black from TekuTeku softens the look with CheerNo's "Rock Pants" giving you that funky flair.

Shirt BareRose Masayuki (scarf, belt and bracelets included in set)
Pants a.C. (CheerNo) Rock Pants
Hair =TEKUTEKU= Spice in japanese-black
Shoes Kalnins Gallop

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Have always loved the Mao jacket style and Armidi has a great cream coloured version that I had found last Christmas. A versatile jacket that was once worn semi formal is dressed down to give it a casual military style. For those days when you feel like being incognito ;)

To Mao with Love thumbnail.jpg

to mao with love 1_640 X 853.jpg

to mao with love 2_640 X 853.jpg

to mao with love 3_640 X 853.jpg

Hat | {Kari} Guerilla Hat - Slate
Shades | FNKY! Superstar Glasses [Gold/Black]
Jacket | Armidi Limited - White Military Refuge Jacket
Jeans | Armidi Limited - Skinny A0001 Black Classic Jeans
Shoes | magi take red chucker sneakers
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One of those days when you feel like being casual but still not too shoddy.... Top it off with a fedora, a nice white shirt with those must have cuffs and a crisp collar and a nice skinny loose tie to keep you feeling somewhat dressed and yet relaxed in your favourite worn jeans.

Hats Off Thumbnail.jpg

Hats Off Close Up_640 X 853.jpg

Hats Off 3_640 X 853.jpg

Hats Off Full_640 X 853.jpg

Shirt | Muism OC Shirt
Vest | Emery Vest Suit
Jeans | Maitreya Skinny Jeans
Gloves | Vett's Boutique V Gloves
Boots | TRUTH Nomad
Hair | Little Heaven Rabi Black
Hat | AKEYO Fedora Grey Wool
Tie | Muism Loose Skinny Tie Knit Black
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It's no secret that I am a big fan of CheerNo. He is truly an artist that constantly evolves and his latest collection is a true revelation of that...a departure from his usual vivid bright shades and patterns..Deuil is born...his latest release for Winter 09 captivates all my noir yearnings.

Here is one my hot faves which exudes flair. A design reminiscent of my favourite real life designer Jean Paul Gaultier. CheerNo...Deuil is certainly not a mourning as the French translation may's a celebration of your coming of age as the top male avant garde designer in Second Life. Kudos! xoxoxo

yearning for noir thumbnail.jpg

yearning for noir close up_640 X 853.jpg

yearning for noir 1_640 X 853.jpg

Yearning for Noir

Outfit | CheerNo.Deuil MORTIFERA
Boots | COCO Knee High Boots
Hair | Little Heaven Rabi White
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In every man, there is a woman.
In every woman, a man.
This blog is dedicated to those who embrace their duality
A celebration of all that is within us.

Welcome to The Art of Androgyny...a blog dedicated to androgynous fashion and lifestyle.

This blog welcomes blog contributors who may be interested to participate in this adventure with me in creating styles that go beyond the norm. If you're interested just email me at and let's bend those fenders on gender styles together ;)

So to kick off our blog, here's my first style up in ode to my romance with CoCo.

Coco thumbnail

coco romance close-up final.jpg

coco romance full final.jpg

coco romance back final.jpg

Jacket | *COCO* Black Leather Jacket
Top | *COCO* Sleeveless Blouse & Cuff White
Pants | AOHARU BT 2 Way Pants Black
Boots | J's Long Boots Round (Black)
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